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My Story & How I approach things

My motto would be: since everything is impermanent, keep it simple, do your best, and enjoy the ride

Nature to me is a great source of inspiration: it is infinitely diverse, it is full of perfect imperfections, it constantly changes, adapts, and evolves. Whatever the circumstances, life finds its way.


Travelling, exploring new cultures and knowing people from all around the globe have taught me most of what I know today. Yes, I successfully completed studies in Translation (English-Spanish-French), followed by a master's in Development & Cooperation and lastly a post-master in Corporate Communication, which obviously makes me "valid for the job".  However, to me, there is nothing like genuine curiosity to get a better understanding of who and what surrounds you. Oh, just so you know, I originally come from Belgium, had the chance to live and travel in the US, India and Brazil and since 2008, have been living in Barcelona.

My professional journey has been quite eclectic - until some time ago I would even think it was incoherent. Being a translator, editor, SEO copywriter, web builder, project manager, teacher, improvised art director, actress, event coordinator, retreat organizer... made me feel like a one-woman band. I realized though that the fact that it was impossible for me to put a label on what I did was actually something I could be proud of: being in a constant learning process over the years made me even more agile and up for new challenges - which my clients have always valued.

Last but not least, I'd say I'm passionate about words - spoken or written - and find storytelling both fascinating and empowering. Theatre arts have been nurturing my life in the last few years and my dream eventually would be to set up or join a community project involving arts, integration and permaculture (yes, here I go again: back to nature!).

Got a project in mind?

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