What I can help you with

Website building, branding assessment, SEO copywriting and translating (EN-ES-CAT-FR)

& Strategy

The adequate look & feel, a crystal-clear message, the right tone of voice... >

Set up & Building

Get a domain name you're proud of,  find the template and features that best suit you... >


Let's keep things simple,
where they belong
and to the point...>


Create some new, cut out the old, make the best of what's good, translate it to reach even more people... >


How I work


Coffee time

Let's talk so I get to know who you are, what you got, what you need and what you want.

Don't know where to start? No worries, I got your back (and all my questions prepared). 

It should take about 2h.


My offer

Every project is unique and so is yours. My proposal is a budget estimation based on :

- web platform option(s)

- my hourly rate and expected amount of work.

It also specifies what is included in my services and what is expected to be provided by you.

Give me up to 3 days.



Yours and mine. Time to answer questions, tune the proposal and - hopefully! - to agree on it.

We'll sign the offer, non-disclosure agreements if any, gather the necessary information so we start working in the best possible conditions.  

Instantaneous or up to a few days.


Team work

Off we go! We'll keep on building together: 
you'll either validate my suggestions (yeah, let's keep going!) or require adjustments. 

Sometimes things don't work out the way we expected and that's OK. The key is to keep on build UP, even if it requires (re)moving a brick slightly, instead of tearing the wall down. 

From 3 weeks to a few months.


Going live

You're ON! We've given your website the last tweaks, we both feel satisfied with the result: it is time to publish and show your website to the world! 


Time to wrap up, make sure everything works properly, for me to give you the keys to your web (ownership of course and training if desired). 

2 days max.

Got a project in mind?

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